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Periodontal Disease Sydney

Periodontal Gum Disease Sydney

The Sydney University Dental Association estimates that approximately 9 out of 10 people in Sydney will be diagnosed with some type of periodontal complication, at some point during their life. While a statistic like that can be rather alarming, it should be comforting to know that Smile Concepts is here to serve you and take care of any of your periodontics needs. Periodontal gum disease is the result of a bacterial infection that worsened over time. This particular disease compromises the strength of your gums, bone, and connective tissues that support your teeth and keep them in place. Additionally these bacteria can destroy your gums causing tooth decay and tooth loss.

Periodontitis Symptoms That You May Experience

  • Puffy gums that appear a dusky red color.
  • Bleeding gums while brushing/flossing.
  • Teeth that appears longer.
  • Pus between your teeth that appears when you press on your gums.
  • Loose or shifting teeth.
  • Bad breath that you cannot get rid of.
  • Bad tastes in your mouth that you can't seem to brush away.

Although the symptoms of periodontal disease and gingivitis look a lot alike, the treatments do vary. Smile Concepts is a premier facility that specializes in periodontal disease. Sydney residents are encouraged to visit us at least twice a year to help avoid periodontitis. We know the best way to treat this pesky infection! Our dentists are experts in the field and will assist you in understanding all of your available treatment options.


Problems of Today Don't have to be the Problems of Tomorrow

In many cases, periodontal disease starts out as a much milder gum disease called gingivitis. When this gum disease worsens, it is more difficult to treat, but certainly not impossible. If periodontal disease is left untreated, it will progress into what is called periodontitis; which causes rapid bone loss, tooth decay and the loss of teeth. No one wants missing teeth to be the consequence of delaying treatment, and we are here to make sure that doesn't happen to our patients.

The condition of your teeth and gums dictate what type of treatment is needed. This can include the removal of teeth, bone, and gum grafting - or even bonding your teeth to increase their strength and integrity. At SmileConcepts we use state of the art equipment such as special lasers that can cut through bone and hard/soft tissues. Not every case of gum disease requires such heavy duty treatment though. If you are seeking treatment for any type of periodontal gum disease in Sydney, you should contact SmileConcepts on 9267 7777 to secure an appointment today.