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Invisalign Cost Sydney

Cost of Invisalign

Invisalign is the ultimate evolution of orthodontic treatments. It offers the benefits of braces, without the drawbacks of visible metal braces. Where kids may be lured into wearing braces by getting them excited with colour choices, teens and adults are difficult to persuade to get orthodontic treatments because of their less-than-appealing appearance for a period of 12-18 months. Invisalign offers a solution to this problem.
Invisalign is barely visible which makes it the ultimate choice for orthodontic treatments. You must be wondering why so many people are hesitant to get the treatment. It is because of the wrong perception that costs of Invisalign in Sydney are sky high, and this misinformation leads many to leave their teeth untreated.
Cost of Invisalign is slightly higher than braces, depending on the extent of procedure, and more importantly depending where you get the treatment from. Our team of highly experienced experts offer cheap Invisalign in Sydney making it affordable for people to get orthodontic treatments of their choice.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

The cost of Invisalign is set by the orthodontist or dentists depending on each individual case. The fee is determined based on the length andcomplexity of the treatment, and the experience of the dentist performing the treatment. So it is very difficult to give a ball park figure for the treatment; however, it can start from $5000. A visit to our cosmetic clinic for an initial examination will get you all the information you require regarding the procedure and the cost of Invisalign. You can email or call us at any time to book an appointment.

Why You Shouldn't Ignore Orthodontic Treatments?

Orthodontic treatments don't simply help treat teeth imperfections and improve treatments, but are also necessary for the right positioning and functioning of teeth. If your teeth or jaw have not developed properly, it could lead to discomfort, difficulty in maintaining good oral hygiene and even abnormal development of jaw and teeth, which can lead to physical and emotional problems.
At our practice, we make getting these treatments all the more easier with cheap Invisalign treatments in Sydney. So if the cost of Invisalign is stopping you from getting that much-needed treatment book an initial examination with us today and let there be one less thing to worry about.

Why Should I Opt for Invisalign Treatment Rather than Traditional Braces?

Because of the prejudice that Invisalign is highly expensive (a concept that emerged from orthodontists charging insane fees for this simple procedure), people generally end up settling for traditional braces thinking they saved a fortune by making a small compromise. Sadly, their compromise could have been easily avoided without paying more.
Depending on the treatment, Invisalign may cost just as much or slightly higher or even lesser than traditional braces. Invisalign cost at our Sydney clinic is reasonable and very affordable. So if your reasons for opting for traditional braces are the extra costs, then there is no reason for you to settle.

Invisalign is not only more aesthetically appealing than traditional braces but is also more comfortable and hygienic with less enamel wear and decalcification. So there you have it, now the only thing between you anda set of perfect teeth is a phone call. So pick up the phone now or email us to speak to one of our dental experts to get an estimate for Invisalign cost for your dental treatment. We are looking forward to hearing from you.