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Gummy Smile

Gummy Smile

Gummy smile? Fix with Cosmetic Dentistry at Sydney’s Smile Concepts

One common problem in cosmetic dentistry Sydneysiders complain about is gummy smile. A gummy smile is where too much pink tissue can be seen when a person speaks or smiles.

This can often be fixed using relatively minor cosmetic dentistry. Sydney residents should visit general, cosmetic and implant dentist Sydney’s Smile Concepts to find out more.

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Common causes of Gummy Smile

Thanks to modern cosmetic dentistry, Sydneysiders have access to simple solutions to dentally-related gummy smile.

Dentally-related causes of gummy smile include:

  • Worn down teeth causing upper teeth to move downwards. The gums therefore move down with the teeth, making them look short or squarish in shape or short.
  • Teeth have erupted more than they should have bringing the gums down with them.
  • Overgrown gums due to poor oral hygiene or mouth breathing.
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Fix Gummy Smile at Smile Concepts

Treatment options include gum recontouring or orthodontics, for example braces or Invisalign. Sydney residents wanting to know more about the benefits of Invisalign from Sydney’s Smile Concepts can view our information page here.

Gum recontouring can provide a more natural and even gum line when smiling. Often used to remedy gummy smile caused by short lips, long maxillary alveolar bone, gum disease and more, you may also choose to use it in conjunction with porcelain veneers or Invisalign. Sydneysiders can discuss the full range of options to perfect their smile by calling Smile Concepts today.

As an implant dentist, Sydney’s Smile Concepts has a range of anaesthetic and sleep dentistry options for patients undergoing treatment for gummy smile.

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Other causes

If teeth are normal in shape and size, gummy smile may be a result of facial or lip-related problems, including a short upper lip, long upper jawbone or excessively mobile upper lip. If this is the case, you may need to consider orthognathic surgery or botox in the upper lip.

To smile without feeling self-conscious, contact general, cosmetic and specialist implant dentist Sydney’s Smile Concepts.