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Treatment For Gum Disease

What to Expect for Your Gum Disease Treatment

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to be in need of some form of gum disease treatment. In fact, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) notes oral diseases as one of the top 11 chronic conditions that “directly impact the quality of life of Australians”. It’s important to know that gum disease is entirely preventable; and while Smile Concepts is here to assist you with any needed procedures, it would be best if you could avoid it all together.

What to watch for:

Knowing whether or not you need some form of gum treatment isn't always easy for people. The symptoms of an early stage of gum disease can be difficult to detect as the disease itself can be pretty painless. If you experience gums that bleed when you brush, or gums that appear red or feel sore and tender, it is a good idea to call Smile Concepts to make an appointment right away. The sooner we can diagnose your condition, the sooner you can be treated. For this reason we recommend regular checkups, at least every 6 months. Remember, early detection is a key element in the treatment of gum disease as this is a disease that can worsen rather quickly.

If you think you need to see a dentist…

The first step is scheduling an appointment in our office for an exam and possible gum treatment. Most appointments will include a thorough clean by one of our dental experts. They will use a variety of tools to remove excess build-up of plaque and tartar from your teeth. This will reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth and help your gums heal. When caught in the early stages of gum disease, most of the time, our patients find their gum disease cure to be a simple oral clean, by one of our dental experts.

When a simple cleaning is not enough:

If it turns out that you are diagnosed with a more advanced problem, a more aggressive level of treatment for gum disease may be required. In order to begin, your dentist will recommend a deep cleaning and explain how to cure gum disease. Don't worry; it's not all that bad. One of our dental professionals will numb your gums and remove the plaque and tartar that has built up beneath your gum line. This helps to cure gum disease by removing the bacteria that is causing your problem. Once removed, an antibiotic can be applied to the area, to help your gums heal properly. Typically this process is done in two appointments. Since this type of deep cleaning can leave your mouth a little sore, it is a best practice to only work on one side of your mouth at a time.

To make sure the deep cleaning process was an effective gum disease treatment for your mouth, and that your oral health is back to normal, it is routine to schedule a follow-up appointment about six weeks later. It is very important that you keep this appointment. This will allow your dentist to assess the way your gums are healing and determine if further treatment is needed. It is very important to closely follow the advice and recommendations of your dentist. Our dentists at Smile Concepts know how to cure gum disease and have only their patients' best interests in mind.

Tips for keeping healthy gums after your treatment:

After you have completed the prescribed treatments it will be of utmost importance to maintain healthy habits at home. This includes brushing and flossing daily. Gum disease cure relies on both the patient and the dentist to make sure the treatment for gum disease is effective. If you feel that you might be at risk for gum disease, please contact us, and we will be here to help you. We are one of the most trusted dental clinics in Sydney. Contact us at 02 9267 7777, so that we can schedule you right away and get you on the right path to healing.