Frequently Asked Questions


Does it hurt to get a dental implant at Sydney’s Smile Concepts?

We know that when faced with the prospect of a dental implant, Sydneysiders can be very worried about the pain involved.

Smile Concepts offers a range of sedation techniques, which can be used in conjunction with local anaesthetic to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the placement of your dental implant. Sydneysiders who do not usually respond to standard numbing techniques should discuss alternative options with us.

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How much does Invisalign cost at Sydney’s Smile Concepts?

Invisalign cost Sydneysiders between $5,000–$9,000 at Smile Concepts, which is a platinum provider of Invisalign. As the state of your teeth will influence the Invisalign cost, Sydney’s Smile Concepts can discuss whether this is the best option for you.

For example, if only one or two teeth are misaligned, you may consider porcelain veneers. Sydneysiders can discuss custom cosmetic dentistry at Sydney’s Smile Concepts.

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What can happen if I don’t visit the dentist regularly?

Regular check ups allow problems like gum disease to be identified early. To avoid later need for cosmetic dentistry, Sydneysiders need to be vigilant about maintaining dental health.

Early stage gum disease is painless, and as such difficult – almost impossible – to recognise. Without treatment, it can become advanced and lead to issues such as tooth loss. To avoid later need for a dental implant, Sydneysiders should visit their dentist regularly.

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My dentist has recommended porcelain veneers, but I don’t want any enamel removed from my teeth. What are my options?

In removing enamel before installing porcelain veneers, Sydneysiders are allowing the greatest latitude in creating a natural looking smile.

You needn’t worry about losing protection of the tooth. When receiving porcelain veneers, Sydneysiders receive temporary protective covers for their teeth whilst waiting for their custom-made veneers. As a dentists highly trained in cosmetic dentistry, Sydney’s Smile Concepts uses some of the most modern porcelain veneers Sydneysiders have access to. This means that the porcelain and cement bonding are ultra-strong, providing long-lasting protection for your teeth.

If, however, you are still concerned, you may choose a very thin, ‘no-prep’ style of porcelain veneer, or you can use some branded veneers such as Lumineers. These types of veneer may affect what other types of cosmetic dentistry Sydneysiders have access to.;

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