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Dental Veneers Cost Sydney

Dental Veneers Treatment

Veneers are customized shells for teeth, made of composite resin or porcelain. Dental veneers placement is a relatively easy procedure for teeth that may have decayed or chipped. Dental veneers are a more preferred alternative to crowns and bonding as they give a more natural and durable solution. Our Sydney cosmetic clinicspecializes in dental veneers treatments that will give your teeth the perfect, natural feel they deserve. There is no reason for you to compromise with those small imperfections, give us a call or email us today if your teeth are:

  • chipped or broken
  • discoloured(due to root canal treatments, excessive fluoride, resin fillings or other stains)
  • worn down
  • gaps in teeth

Discoloured or broken teeth can be very off-putting, and can be damaging for your self-esteem. Dental veneers treatment offers a long lasting solution to help you get your perfect smile back. Below we have addressed the most commonly asked questions associated with dental veneers in Sydney to make your decision all the more easier:

If I Get Dental Veneers in Sydney, How Long Would They Last?

Dental veneers last relatively longer, depending on each individual's dietary habits and oral hygiene, but on average dental veneers can last between 10-25 years. Dental veneers do not require any special care or further follow ups. Once the procedure is complete you can continue to follow your regular oral hygiene.

How long is the Procedure?

You would first need to make a preliminary visit to the dentist to get x-rays. Then the dentist will prepare your teeth to make room for the veneers (shouldn't be more than half a millimetre of tooth enamel). The dentist will then take the impression of your teeth and send it to the lab for veneer preparation; this could take up to two weeks. You can choose to get temporary veneers until then, or simply wait for the permanent ones.
Once the veneers are ready the dentist will then place them on the tooth (or teeth). Once the dentist is satisfied with the placement and colour of the veneers, he/she will then move on to attach the veneers with special cement. You may be asked for a follow up visit to make sure the dental veneers are placed properly.

How Much Would Dental Veneers Cost in Sydney?

Dental veneers cost in Sydney solely depends on the extent of procedure. It may cost slightly more if you would like temporary veneers placed.
Ourcosmetic clinicis fully equipped and qualified to offer dental veneer treatments that are hassle-free and long lasting. Email us or give us a call today to book an initial examination. Our experts will walk you through the whole procedure and estimated dental veneers cost for the entire treatment.